How To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

How To Become A Certified Nursing AssistantA certified nursing assistant is trained to care for patients and carry out basic medical care but under the supervision of a licensed medical professional. They cannot work independently but have to work with a registered nurse or RN, a licensed practical nurse or a LPN or a medical physician in clinics, nursing homes, private homes and hospitals. However, the CNA may also be assigned a range of jobs like administrative jobs, record keeping and coordinating with the laboratory to collect and file reports for review.

What is the role of a certified nurse assistant?

Most jobs for a certified nurse assistant will be assigned by a medical professional or a licensed nurse and they will have to work under their supervision. However, trained certified nurse assistants are allowed to work in hospitals, nurses, Private clinics, homes and nursing homes to assist nurses and doctors in their patient care procedures.

They have to carry out basic procedures like providing medication for patients, bathing them, getting them in and out of bed, help bedridden patients through their day to day life, carrying out basic hygiene procedures, and feeding and exercising them if required. Read More