2016 Massage Therapist Salary and Career Advice

2016 Massage Therapist Salary and Career Advice

The average income earned by the massage therapists is very close to the lowest wages paid in the healthcare field, regardless of the country (USA, UK, Canada, Australia), state or region of employment.

In order to clarify the things, here are the mean annual values of the massage therapist salary corresponding to each of the above mentioned countries: in the USA it was $40,400 (in May 2016, as stated in www.bls.gov – US Bureau of Labor Statistics official website); in May 2016, according to www.payscale.com, in the UK it is £17,000 (i.e. about 20,000 USD), in Canada the average annual wage is 56,000 CAD (that is around 36,000 USD); according to www.open.edu.au, in Australia it is 47,000 AUD (approx. 31,000 USD).

Massage Therapist Salary Info

Despite the low level of this job’s income, there are some advantages of this occupation, which make it pretty attractive, if we take into account the job outlook (in the USA, it is 23%, which is much faster than the average for all jobs). In spite of the low level of the average salary, the persons practicing this job can get to earn a pretty satisfactory pay after many years of practice and after attracting a pretty rich and loyal clientele.

However, it’s almost impossible (especially if you are not self-employed) to earn a six-figure salary by working as a massage therapist. Anyway, since the demand for massage services is steadily increasing, this is a sign that the people begin to respect this occupation and to increasingly appreciate it and, as a consequence, the price paid for this type of services will increase; as a result, the salary will increase.

When discussing about the earnings of the massage therapists, it’s important to be aware of the fact that it’s very difficult to talk about an average value for their income, since many of them are self-employed. Moreover, most of them are paid per hour, and, since the number of clients usually varies pretty much from one month to another, it’s really difficult to make an estimation of the average massage therapist salary. Read More