How to Use the Chinese Gender Calendar 2019 to Conceive a Boy

Chinese Gender Calendar 2019 – Discover When to Conceive a Baby Boy

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Article last updated: May 2019

If you want to get pregnant with a boy in 2019 and, for achieving this goal, you would like to use the famous Chinese gender predictor, then you have the right to know that you are, in fact, reading one of the best articles that can help you in this regard.

But, before advising you to continue reading this useful post, I must tell you that this method which claims to boost a woman’s likelihood of getting pregnant with a baby of the wished-for gender is an ancient strategy, dating from the 13th century, it is revealed by an old Chinese legend, it was obtained after some astrological calculations and it has no scientific support. All these attributes make it ideal only for having some fun.

If you still want to discover more information about this traditional old method, I invite you to go through the rest of this brief, but helpful, article. If you want to find out more about the Chinese Calendar for baby boy conception, check out this blog post written by Donna.

So, let’s see how to conceive a boy by utilizing this well-known astrological method, which is actually a timing technique, because it simply states that, by scheduling the sexual intercourse in certain periods of time, the chances of getting pregnant with a child of a longed-for gender are significantly increased.

Okay, this means that the method described in this concise post actually tells you when to make love in order to conceive what you want: a daughter or a son. This post is focused on a son, but the strategy for a daughter is very similar. So, all you have to do is to:

  1. Get hold of a reliable Chinese gender predictor chart that is Gregorian explained. Such a table can be found also on this useful website.
  2. Find out the birth date of the woman who would like to have a baby of a certain gender: either male or female.
  3. Take a quick look in the famous chart and you will determine the most appropriate Gregorian periods for getting pregnant with the preferred type of offspring: either a daughter or a son.

Chinese Calendar 2019 Differs a Lot from the Western One

You are probably perplexed by my use of the word “Gregorian” in the Chinese calendar context, in the previous paragraphs. Well, I used it because this ancient method of sex predetermination makes reference only to Chinese lunar things: dates and ages. This is actually the most important characteristic of the famous legendary chart for conceiving a boy or a girl. If you are aware of that, you won’t misuse the well-known table.

So, all the horizontal and vertical lines in this table refer exclusively to the dates and ages defined by the traditional ancient Chinese calendar, which is a lunisolar one and it is very dissimilar from the solar Western calendar, known as the Gregorian calendar, used in the largest part of the world. So, when utilizing the Chinese calendar for baby boy 2019 for knowing when to conceive, be careful to keep in mind this important characteristic (you can read more here about how to properly use this method).

You must also be aware of the fact that the Gregorian dates that correspond to the Chinese lunar dates and ages that are included in this legendary chart vary from one Gregorian year to another. This is why the Gregorian explained chart for 2018 differs from the charts of any other year, but only when it comes to the Western dates, the other things being the same for every year. The things that are constant in this famous table represent, in fact, the whole content of the original ancient chart: the lunar months, the lunar ages and the values of the cells.

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