How to Use the Chinese Gender Calendar 2019 to Conceive a Boy

Chinese Gender Calendar 2019 – Discover When to Conceive a Baby Boy

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Article last updated: May 2019

If you want to get pregnant with a boy in 2019 and, for achieving this goal, you would like to use the famous Chinese gender predictor, then you have the right to know that you are, in fact, reading one of the best articles that can help you in this regard.

But, before advising you to continue reading this useful post, I must tell you that this method which claims to boost a woman’s likelihood of getting pregnant with a baby of the wished-for gender is an ancient strategy, dating from the 13th century, it is revealed by an old Chinese legend, it was obtained after some astrological calculations and it has no scientific support. All these attributes make it ideal only for having some fun.

If you still want to discover more information about this traditional old method, I invite you to go through the rest of this brief, but helpful, article. If you want to find out more about the Chinese Calendar for baby boy conception, check out this blog post written by Donna.

So, let’s see how to conceive a boy by utilizing this well-known astrological method, which is actually a timing technique, because it simply states that, by scheduling the sexual intercourse in certain periods of time, the chances of getting pregnant with a child of a longed-for gender are significantly increased.

Okay, this means that the method described in this concise post actually tells you when to make love in order to conceive what you want: a daughter or a son. This post is focused on a son, but the strategy for a daughter is very similar. So, all you have to do is to:

  1. Get hold of a reliable Chinese gender predictor chart that is Gregorian explained. Such a table can be found also on this useful website.
  2. Find out the birth date of the woman who would like to have a baby of a certain gender: either male or female.
  3. Take a quick look in the famous chart and you will determine the most appropriate Gregorian periods for getting pregnant with the preferred type of offspring: either a daughter or a son.

Chinese Calendar 2019 Differs a Lot from the Western One

You are probably perplexed by my use of the word “Gregorian” in the Chinese calendar context, in the previous paragraphs. Well, I used it because this ancient method of sex predetermination makes reference only to Chinese lunar things: dates and ages. This is actually the most important characteristic of the famous legendary chart for conceiving a boy or a girl. If you are aware of that, you won’t misuse the well-known table.

So, all the horizontal and vertical lines in this table refer exclusively to the dates and ages defined by the traditional ancient Chinese calendar, which is a lunisolar one and it is very dissimilar from the solar Western calendar, known as the Gregorian calendar, used in the largest part of the world. So, when utilizing the Chinese calendar for baby boy 2019 for knowing when to conceive, be careful to keep in mind this important characteristic (you can read more here about how to properly use this method).

You must also be aware of the fact that the Gregorian dates that correspond to the Chinese lunar dates and ages that are included in this legendary chart vary from one Gregorian year to another. This is why the Gregorian explained chart for 2018 differs from the charts of any other year, but only when it comes to the Western dates, the other things being the same for every year. The things that are constant in this famous table represent, in fact, the whole content of the original ancient chart: the lunar months, the lunar ages and the values of the cells.

Chinese Calendar for Baby Boy 2019 & 2018 When to Conceive

It is finally the time to find out the precise steps to follow for identifying the Gregorian time periods in which a woman is more likely to conceive a boy:

  1. Discover a version of the popular Chinese gender chart whose dates are Gregorian explained.
  2. Find out the exact Gregorian day in which the woman was born.
  3. Search that day of birth in the heads of the columns of the table for identifying the row that contains it.
  4. Discover the cells on that row that have the desired value: boy.

Read the Western periods of the columns to which the discovered cells belong. These are the intervals that interest you.

Which is the Best Way to Conceive a Boy in 2019?

Which is the Best Way to Conceive a Boy

Earlier in this article we learned 2 things by looking at the Chinese Chart for baby boy: when to conceive and what are the odds of getting pregnant with a boy or a girl based on the conception date.

When you search for something superlative, you must have clear in your mind what exactly is the most important to you, in the field where you search. Furthermore, you must know what you can afford and also the limits that you accept. This is valid also when it comes to determining the best way to get pregnant with a boy. That’s simply because “best” is a highly subjective term in the context of gender selection methods. What it’s best for you might not be the best for everyone else (or for every other couple).

In order to determine “your best” method, you have to choose a criterion (or more criteria) for this choice. Examples of such criteria are “simplicity” and “accuracy” – that is to say, for you, “the best” might mean “the simplest” or “the more accurate” or both. But there are some other attributes that might be important to you and to your partner, attributes that I will reveal in this posting.

In fact, I wrote this article as a guide to help you to identify the sex-selection method for conceiving a boy in 2019 or 2018 that suits you best. More exactly, in the subsequent paragraphs, I will highlight the main benefits and drawbacks of each gender selection strategy (that has been discovered until the moment of writing this article), so that you can choose what best matches your (and your partner’s) requirements.

On top of all that, this article provides you the answers to the most common questions related to this subject – how to conceive a boy: when?, why?, how?, what to eat?, etc. In the hope that I persuaded you that it’s worth reading this posting, let’s see, first of all, what are the gender selection methods known to date.

Sex Selection Methods for Conceiving a Boy or a Girl in 2019 or 2018

In this section I provide only a concise classification of all the most famous and pretty reliable strategies for having a baby with a desired gender – either male or female. These are all the reliable methods that I have heard of.

If you know about a gender selection technique that is not listed below and which is trustworthy (i.e., whose success rate is above 50%), then it would be very useful for all the readers of this website – more precisely, for all the persons interested in discovering the best way to conceive a boy or girl – if you tell us about it in a comment posted on this article.

                NATURAL Strategies for Gender Selection in 2019

1)   DIETARY methods – the multiple dietary methods for predetermining the baby’s gender fall into two main subcategories:

  • Ca-Mg/Na-K diets – based on the four minerals: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium
  • acid/alkaline diets – based on the alkaline-forming and acid-forming foods

2)   TIMING methods – best known is Shettles Method, which schedules the sexual intercourse depending on the ovulation and provides guidance regarding also the female’s orgasm and the sexual position [1]; this method’s tips to conceive a boy naturally are: the intercourse must occur as close as possible to the moment of ovulation; deep penetration and woman’s orgasm are necessary.

3)   CALENDAR method – aka Chinese Gender Calendar Method, which is based on the month of conception and the mother’s age at conception

                                Benefits and Downsides of Natural Methods


  • FREE – they are used without paying almost anything, with the exception of the cheap resources (books, PDFs, medical advice) that you might need to pay for
  • SIMPLE – don’t require sophisticated medical equipment or special medical assistance; can be understood and used very easily
  • HEALTHY, if properly used – don’t have negative side effects, if their users take into account their contraindications and warnings (I refer to the dietary methods for conceiving a boy or girl)


  • UNPROVEN scientifically – only empirically, but unconvincingly (for most scientists)
  • RISKY, if improperly used – only the dietary methods (can cause health problems)
  • CONTRAINDICATED to some persons – only the dietary methods

                SCIENTIFIC Strategies for Sex Selection

1)   PGD (with IVF) – implants only the embryos (created with IVF) having the intended gender

2)   MICROSORT (with IUI or IVF) – inseminates or uses IVF with the suitable enriched sperm subpopulation

3)   ERICSSON Method – inseminates with the suitable enriched sperm subpopulation, obtained using human serum albumin; for the women who want to get pregnant with a boy, only the male enriched sperm subpopulation is inseminated.

                                Benefits and Downsides of Scientific Methods


  • PROVEN clinically – PGD’s accuracy is nearly 100%, MicroSort’s is 93% for girls and 82% for boys, Ericsson’s is about 72% for girls and about 71% for boys.
  • RECOMMENDED by scientists – having high success rates, clinically proven


  • EXPENSIVE – especially the IVF
  • RISKY – especially the PGD’s biopsy procedure
  • EMBARRASSING – the procedures of collecting the eggs and implanting the embryos
  • ILLEGAL in some countries [4]
  • CAN’T GUARANTEE the PREGNANCY or LIVE BIRTH – however, the IVF’s success rate is higher than the one of artificial insemination [2], [3]

Now that we went through this overview of the best known methods of sex selection, it’s time to see what are the main criteria by which one can select the best technique of conceiving a boy or girl – that is to say, a baby of the desired gender.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Method

  1. Price

The cheapest methods are the natural ones, while the most expensive ones are the scientific ones. You should choose the method(s) that you can afford. For doing that, it’s useful to determine their price prior to deciding which method to use.

In the case of the natural strategies, make sure that you have the best detailed information at your disposal. You should be aware of the fact that the result of using a natural method greatly depends on some details, which you can discover only from special resources (books, PDFs) that you might need to buy – especially when it comes to the Shettles Method or Diet Method. With regards to the scientific methods, you should find out their prices from the (websites of the) clinics that implement these sophisticated techniques.

  1. Comfort

If comfort is important to you, you should consider only the natural methods, as they are the most comfortable ones, since they can be used at home and the baby is conceived in the natural way, without specialized assistance – more precisely, nobody watches (or assists) you while you’re trying to conceive a boy or girl.

  1. Success Rate

If the main criterion for choosing the sex selection method is the certainty of the future baby’s gender, then PGD is generally considered the best choice, since it is the sole technique that enjoys a 100% success rate – if the procedures involved are carried out correctly and if no technical errors occur.

The other two scientific methods, MicroSort and Ericsson, also enjoy very high success rates, which have the advantage of being clinically proven and accepted by the scientists and researchers. The success rates of the natural methods are not only lower (than the ones of the high-tech methods), but also unreliable, being unrecognized by most of the scientific community.

  1. Easiness

If you are looking for a sex selection strategy that can be understood and used easily, you should think only to the natural techniques. Of all the natural strategies, the Dietary Methods are the simplest ones. The main tips for conceiving a boy suggested by the dietary methods of gender selection are: the future mother should eat, in the weeks preceding the moment of conception, foods that are high in sodium and potassium, while limiting her intake of calcium and magnesium; also, she should prefer the alkaline-forming foods over the acid-forming ones.

  1. Safety

If you’re interested in discovering methods that are risk-free – in other words, that don’t have any negative side effects – you should know that:

  • if used properly (i.e., if they are not contraindicated for you and if you avoid the excesses), the dietary methods are safe to be used;
  • the timing methods are also safe;
  • the safety of the scientific methods is questionable, especially the one of PGD, because the biopsy procedure (in which one cell from each embryo is removed for identifying its gender) can damage the embryos.

These are the major criteria for determining what is the best way to conceive a boy or a girl – that is to say, for identifying the gender selection method that is the most appropriate for you and your partner.

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